mixed // half jp + half eng

𖦹 m☆yaaa !!

SHE / HER ?! 14 // 18+ DNI ENG

LIKES... cats. cds. vinyl records. music. old films. 2000's // 90s. sleeping. rain. dark weather. going on walks. solitude. headphones. fashion. park benches. charity shops. singing. drawing // painting. daydreaming. cinnamon. autumn. trying new foods. picnics. coffee based drinks. tea.

find more info about me on my spachey !!

DISLIKES... large crowds. steak. all home alone films. sleepovers.

i'm a minor !! ...BYI
i can onlyyy speak english sorryyy
( spacehey ) i interact with and post bulletins a lot ,, sorry for any spam !!

we share interests // music taste // film taste. around the same age. 13 - 17. active.

DNI... homophobic. transphobic. racist. misogynistic. nsfw acc // content. 18+. rcta. abliest. sexualizes minors. basic dni criteria !!